• Don’t Trip on the Same Rock Twice

    Learn from creative mistakes, using them for growth and future creativity.

Check out this tip if:

  • You often find yourself fixated on minor details, losing sight of the broader project goals.
  • You're seeking strategies to enhance your creative process and avoid repetitive mistakes.
  • You want to transform creative obstacles into opportunities.

Do you ever find yourself embarking on a new project, only to stumble over the same hurdle each time, like you're tripping on the same rock again and again? We all have our habitual missteps, and identifying these can be the key to navigating our creative journey more smoothly.


My Creative Missteps

There have been a few instances when I got an idea for a children's book, and instead of focusing on the main story structure, I found myself sketching and refining the character design. While an appealing character is vital to any children's book, it's meaningless without a solid story to place them in.

In a similar vein, I've had experiences of getting excited about a mobile app idea, but rather than prioritizing the user experience and functionality, I would find myself consumed with designing the logo and choosing the main colors.


Identify Your Rock

We all have our unique creative processes, but sometimes we unwittingly develop habits that may not be in our project's best interest. For me, the 'rocks' I kept tripping over were the times when I would design characters for a children's book or logos for an app before the fundamental components were fully established. I would often find myself lost in the intricate details, inadvertently neglecting the crucial foundational elements.

It's worth noting, however, that the 'rocks' in our paths are as unique as we are. My stumbling blocks might not resemble yours. Maybe you're so eager to start your novel that you obsess over the perfect first line, all the while forgetting about the larger plot. Or, maybe, in your enthusiasm for entrepreneurial success, you refine the pitch for your startup while your actual product still requires development. Regardless of what form they take, these habitual 'rocks' represent opportunities for growth and improvement. Recognizing and understanding these patterns enables us to adapt our strategies, circumvent recurring pitfalls, and enhance the overall quality of our creations. By acknowledging where we get tripped up, we not only refine our creative process but also chart a smoother path towards our vision.


How to Dodge That Creative Rock:

If you find yourself continually tripping over the same rock in your creative projects, here's a plan to pivot your approach:

  1. Identify your rock:
    Reflect on your past projects. Is there a particular step where you tend to lose focus or get sidetracked?

  2. Reprioritize your steps:
    Rearrange your steps based on the needs of the project. For a children's book, for instance, mapping out the narrative might be a better first step before diving into character design.

  3. Embrace the lesson:
    Use this newfound understanding of your process to adapt and grow. Be open to change and willing to adjust your habits.


    Everyone Trips

    It's a common occurrence for creatives to grapple with their own unique 'rocks' - those personal habits or preferences that might be tripping up our creative process. The key to a smoother journey lies in recognizing these patterns and learning how to effectively navigate around them.


    Final Thoughts

    Remember, creatives, each rock we stumble upon is a chance for growth and improvement. By identifying and learning from our habitual missteps, we can turn these rocks into stepping stones, leading us towards more successful and fulfilling creative projects.

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