Working on creative projects can be tough. Kinndling is here to inspire and motivate individuals as they embark on their creative journeys.

  • Meet Sean

    Hello! I’m Sean Fournier. I am an illustrator, singer/songwriter, and designer from New England.


    Over the years, have started many personal side-projects — most of which, have lost steam before ever seeing the light of day. Although I have experienced the excitement and pride of finishing projects, I have also found myself disappointed and unfulfilled with an unfinished ones. It is this personal struggle that led to the creation of Kinndling. 

    If you would like to find out more about me and my other projects, visit my website ↗︎

Where Creativity & Nature Unite

At Kinndling, we ignite the creative spirit by drawing inspiration from the power of nature. Our mission is to nurture this spark within individuals, cultivate a collaborative community, and unleash a wildfire of creativity that leads to positive change in the world.

  • Why I Started Kinndling

    I created Kinndling to help inspire others with their creative projects. I hope to share what I’ve learned in my previous experience and motivate others to continue on their quest to create.

  • What's Next...

    So far, I have created some t-shirts and stickers for the shop. In the future, I would like to do more accessories like patches, pins, notebooks, and more. I also plan on starting a podcast and blog to share my tips and experience.

Join the Journey

Kinndling is an adventure for me, as I step into uncharted territory. I warmly invite you to reach out via email to share your feedback, offer encouragement, or simply say hello! Your support means the world to me as Kinndling continues to grow and serve the creative community.