Goods for Creative Folks

Working on creative projects can be tough. Kinndling is a lifestyle brand that aims to inspire people to work on their creative projects.

Meet Sean

Sean Fournier

Hello! I’m Sean Fournier. I am an illustrator, singer/songwriter, and designer from New England.

Over the years, have started many personal side-projects — most of which, have lost steam before ever seeing the light of day. Although I have experienced the excitement and pride of finishing a project, I have also found myself disappointed and unfulfilled with an unfinished one. So, I created Kinndling.

Why I Started Kinndling

I created Kinndling to help inspire others who struggle with their creative projects. I hope to share what I’ve learned in my previous experience and motivate others to continue on their quest to create.

Kinndling is somewhat of a journey for me, as I’ve never done a project like this before, so please email me with feedback, encouragement, or just say hello!