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Idea Bracelets

Idea Bracelets

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Wear a bracelet to help you remember a specific idea. This set includes 12 strings of twine in various colors that are cut to approximately 10 inches.

Think of what you want to remember.

Tie bracelet on your wrist.

Cut off excess, if desired.

Get reminded when you look at the bracelet.

Repeat process if bracelet falls off or no longer reminds you of what it should

Please Note

These bracelets are not meant to last forever. The ends may fray, the colors may fade, and the overall bracelet may show signs on wear; but that's ok!

The main point of these bracelets are to help you remember something when you look at them.

The baker's twine used for these bracelets can actually be purchased from any craft store. These are bundled together for your convenience.

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