• Get S'morganized

    Prioritize planning and organization for project success; don't skip groundwork.

Check out this tip if:

  • You've struggled with the consequences of skipping crucial planning stages in creative projects.
  • You're interested in understanding how proper organization can lead to project success.
  • You want to learn practical lessons on how to balance enthusiasm and preparation in creativity.

The joy of toasting marshmallows for S'mores is not just in the act of roasting, but in having your chocolate and graham crackers ready for when the marshmallow reaches its deliciously toasted perfection. This sequence ensures a smooth, satisfying experience. Likewise, in creative projects, an organized approach and appropriate sequencing are key to achieving your desired outcome. A lesson I learned all too well when writing my children's book, "Barry Needs A Hug".


The Enthusiasm of Creation:

In the initial stages of creating my children’s book, I was brimming with enthusiasm. With the story written, I couldn't wait to bring it to life. Without a moment's delay, I dove headlong into sketching out the storyboard. Every page was diligently planned and revised until it was perfect. However, in my eagerness to see my characters take shape, I overlooked a crucial step - considering the physical specifications of the book's printing.


A Sticky Situation

After my storyboard was complete, I began exploring printing options for both hardcover and paperback versions of the book. To my dismay, I discovered that the available printing ratio differed from that of my storyboards. My eagerness to jump right into the creative aspect had led to a roadblock. All the time and effort I had invested into perfecting the storyboard now required further adjustment to fit the printing specifications.


The Lesson of the S'mores

Just like making S'mores, each phase of a creative project must occur in the right sequence for it to come together as a cohesive end product. In the case of my children's book, I should have taken the time to plan and set up all necessary components, including understanding the printing specifications, before diving into the storyboard.



The joy of creation can sometimes lead us to bypass the initial planning stages, eager as we are to see our ideas come to life. However, taking the time to "Get S’morganized" ensures a smoother process, saving us from possible hurdles down the road. Remember, the success of our creative endeavors, just like the deliciousness of S'mores, relies heavily on doing things in the right order. Don’t start roasting your marshmallow before setting up your chocolate and graham crackers.

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