• Think Fast Jot Fast

    Write down your thoughts quickly because, like lightning, ideas don’t strike twice.

Check out this tip if:

  • You've ever lost a brilliant idea because you didn't write it down
  • You're looking for practical ways to capture your creative sparks
  • You believe that every idea is a seed for something greater

People can often experience a flash of genius that suddenly appears, and then vanishes just as quickly. Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a song, a book, or an app, only to forget it before you could bring it to life? If so, you're not alone. It's a common predicament, and the solution is simple… Write it down!


The Fleeting Nature of Ideas

Like a lightning storm, creativity is wonderful, yet unpredictable. Ideas often come at unexpected moments, such as during a shower, on a long drive, or just as we're about to fall asleep. These sparks of innovation are fleeting, disappearing as quickly as they arrived.


Personal Experience

As a songwriter, I've experienced this firsthand. There have been moments when a lyric has popped into my head and I've scrambled to write it down on anything available – napkins, receipts, even the back of my hand. I can't stress enough how important those hasty notes were. They grew into songs that I'm incredibly proud of today.

However, there were also times when I wasn't prepared. Maybe I was too tired or didn't have something to write on. Or perhaps I thought, "I'll remember it." But time and time again, relying on memory proved risky. Trying to catch an idea without writing it down is like trying to take a picture of a flash of lightning – often, it has already faded away long before you can take it.


Deep Dive:

Here are some strategies to capture your ideas effectively:

  1. Carry a Notebook:
    This might seem old-fashioned in a digital world, but it's a tried-and-true method that many creatives swear by. Carry a small notebook with you wherever you go so you can jot down your ideas as soon as they come to you.

  2. Use Technology:
    Utilize note-taking apps on your phone or voice recording if you're unable to write. Many apps sync across devices, ensuring that your notes are accessible no matter where you are.

  3. Create a Dedicated Idea Space:
    Establish a dedicated space at home where you can jot down and organize your ideas. This could be a physical pinboard, a whiteboard, or a digital workspace.

  4. Review Regularly:
    Make it a habit to regularly review your notes. You might find connections between different ideas, or an old idea might spark a new one.


Why It Works

Writing ideas down doesn't just prevent them from getting lost; it also provides a concrete base to refine and develop. It frees up mental space, enabling you to generate more ideas. And crucially, it respects the creative process by acknowledging that each idea is valuable and worth preserving.



In the world of creativity, simple practices often make the biggest difference. The next time an idea strikes, remember this: Think fast, jot fast. Because the only thing worse than struggling to come up with a good idea is forgetting one.

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